Step 1. Removal of old shingles

Improves air circulation
Roof returns to outside temperature faster in the absence of sun (which helps regulate temperature inside the attic)
Provides a better view on the condition of the plywood

Step 2. Replacing rotten/cracked plywoods (or boards)

Its a hazard
Roof nails do not sit firm in it which may result in wind damage
Damaged plywood can bend slightly down and create a pit for water to collect

Step 3. Proper installation of exhaust vents/pipes

This is a very important step as all exhaust pipes need to be air sealed and insulated to ensure no air from the inside escapes into the attic. Poorly sealed exhaust pipes will create condensation build-up in the attic which is especially apparent in the winter, when it freezes in large amounts and then melts on warmer days.

Step 4. Drip Edge installed

Protects the edges of the roof in the winter, when snow and ice may build up in the gutters, then melt.

Step 5. Ice&Water and Synthetic Paper underlayment installed

Protects from "Ice Damming" in the winter
Serves as an extra moisture barrier
Required by manufacturer

Step 6. New shingles installed

Only materials built to last
Picked to your taste and desire
Installed PROper

Step 7. Gutters cleaned

Good water flow prevents damage to foundation and the gutters themselves

Trying to do every roof PROper, while giving the most affordable price is not easy. Therefore we offer different warranty policies:

  • 15 years for shingle roofs done according to our "Steps to a properly done roof 1-7"
  • 10 years for shingle roofs done according to our "Steps to a properly done roof 1-7, except 4 and 5 (underlayment only in critical spots)"
  • Warranty on repairs and metal work lasts until next complete roof replacement
  • Warranty on non-standard projects will be discussed and agreed upon verbally, then in paper prior to start
  • Due to lower volume of all other roof types (cedar, slate, flat), warranty is 15+ years and is based on type of material used. Underlayment must be installed where applicable.